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  • Nudie Jeans!

    How do you wear your Nudies?

  • How do you wear your Nudies?

    Nudie Jeans!

  • Nudie Jeans SALE!

    Plenty of Nudie Jeans are on SALE now!
    Check em out online or in store!

  • New Arrivals!

    LA Panoplie Sweat with
    Nudie Jeans Steady Eddie.

  • AMI Paris + Nudie Jeans +C'est Moi + M Label!

    She wears C'est Moi Monica Ruffle Blouse with
    M Label Claudette Dress.
    He wears AMI Paris Bonjour Tee with
    Nudie Jeans Steady Eddie.

  • Perfect combos!

    Lily wears C'est Moi Ava Ruffle Dress.

    Hunter wears AMI Button Down Shirt, AMI Tone on Tone Embroidered Sweat

    and Nudie Jeans Brute Knut.


  • Nudie Jeans Back in Black!

    Nudie Jeans - Black is the!
    When buying our Black Black and Black Ring options, remember they are deep indigo denim, over-dyed with black. When they start showing signs of wear, the deep blue will become more evident, giving them an interesting petrol-like effect. Our black-coated jeans have been treated with a synthetic top-layer to give them an almost leathery look and feel. Washing them will make the coating dissolve and come off before you’re able to get that beautiful worn in character. After six months of wear and tear the coating will be worn down, bleeding into the twill lines of the fabric and the seams, creating clear and beautiful contrasts. Our advice is to never wash them, but that’s just a recommendation.

    Home laundering your dry black jeans is pretty much a lottery. Washing them too early will make the color bleed out over the fabric, just like indigo would. Wearing them for six months or more will make the dye go deeper into the threads, fixating the color and preventing it from bleeding as much. This way you’ll get more visible moustaches and honeycombs. Depending on how the fabric has been dyed, you also get different types and effects. Rope dyed black denim run a huge risk of getting rain or snake effects when washed at home. Some like it others don’t. If you don’t want effects like these, you should take your jeans to the dry cleaners if they need to be freshened up.

  • Nudie Jeans - from the blog!

    Nudie Jeans Diary - Swedish Style!
    In Hälsingland, Mattias is beginning to feel like a farmer. Trying his skills in different fields is proving to be pretty efficient as a means to break in a pair of jeans. The break-in process is starting to show some results. Mainly due to heavy garden work and spending time on all fours with the kids. 

  • Nudie Jeans tell us how it's done!

    Nudie Jeans! Breaking in jeans!
    WHEN YOU SLIP INTO a new pair of drys, another kind of craftsmanship begins – the breaking-in. For some people, breaking in jeans is a sport. And for all of us, it's definitely a challenge.
    Breaking in a pair of dry jeans is a journey lasting six months. The outcome depends on how you travel. Sitting around in the office won't grace the denim as much as if used while repairing motorcycles. Regardless of your lifestyle, your jeans become a log of the months gone by – you might even end up with a few amusing anecdotes referring to different stains, abrasions, or scrapings.

  • Nudie Jeans - check em out!!

    Nudie Jeans!
    Check out our fab range of Nudie Jeans for guys and girls!
    Lots of colours and washes to choose from.

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