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  • Swedish Hasbeens!

    Have you seen these Super Swedish Hasbeens?
    This is the Kringlan in strong green.

  • Swedish Hasbeens!

    Super Swedish Hasbeens Summer Colours!
    Peep Toe High in yellow.

  • Weathered + Karen Walker!

    Ant wears Weathered Smith Classic Shirt and
    Weathered Rosling Chino's.
    Ophelia wears Karen Walker Lightyear Dress,
    Karen Walker Space Time Pull Ons and
    Swedish Hasbeens! 

  • New season!

    Ant wears Weathered Smith Classic Shirt,
    Weathered Rosling Chino & M Label Beanie.
    Ophelia wears Not Shy Linen Sweater,
    Karen Walker Space Time Pull Ons & Swedish Hasbeens!

  • We love our Swedish Hasbeens!!

    Check out the always cute, Keiko Lynn in her Swedish Hasbeens Braided Sky high!
    Super Swedish Hasbeens!!


  • Swedish Hasbeens!!

    Swedish Hasbeens!
    Keiko Lynn in Braided Sky High!

  • Swedish Hasbeens Bloggers in Clogs!!

    Super Swedish Hasbeens Strike Again!!
    Bloggers in Clogs! @curiousnatalia in Lacy Sandals!
    We love you Swedish Hasbeens!!

  • Swedish Hasbeens!

    Super Swedish Hasbeens blogger @seaofshoes says she is a

    Swedish Hasbeens addict!

    Here she's wearing the classic style Peep Toe Super High!

  • Super Swedish Hasbeens!!

    Swedish Hasbeens Blogger in Hasbeens!@keikolynn walks her dog in Hasbeens classic Braided Sky Highs! #swedishhasbeens #Hasbeens #madestore
  • Super Swedish Hasbeens on SALE!!

    Check out these fabulous Fredrica Swedish Hasbeens!!
    Now on SALE and only $199!!
    Swedish Hasbeens!!

  • Super cool Swedish Hasbeens!!

    Bloggers in Clogs!
    Accordingtopanda in her Swedish Hasbeens Lacy Sandal!

  • Super Swedish Hasbeens!

    Check out the super cool 

    Keiko Lynn

    in her Swedish Hasbeens Braided Sky high!

  • Staff style ~ winter up your Swedish Hasbeens!

    Loving these woolly legwarmers with the Swedish Hasbeens Fredrica in red!!
  • M Label + Swedish Hasbeens Ooh La La!!

    Vintage Chanel tee worn with
    M Label Leeroy Gypsy skirt and
    Swedish Hasbeens, três bon!!

  • A.P.C. + Swedish Hasbeens combo!!

    A.P.C. & Swedish Hasbeens, the perfect combo! 
    A.P.C. Lucille dress $339 &
    Swedish Hasbeens Floral T-Strap $259
  • Super Swedish Hasbeens!!

    New arrivals from Swedish Hasbeens this week the Super High Covered Sandals
    in navy and red $310!
    Available in store and online now 

  • Swedish Hasbeens Floral T Strap!

    Loving these white Floral T-Strap Swedish Hasbeens $259!!


  • Swedish Hasbeens super cool!!

    There's nothing like a great pair of Swedish Hasbeens & a cane basket for a good night out!!
    Picnic maybe?
    Swedish Hasbeens spotted in @cosmopolitanuk


  • Swedish Hasbeens!!

    "Super Cool Swedish Hasbeens"!!
    Check out Blogger Amy aka Afashionnerd in her pair of Swedish Hasbeens in nature.

  • Super Swedish Hasbeens!!

    Super Cool Swedish Hasbeens are at it again!!
    Check out this super fab 70's vibe with a pair of Swedish Hasbeens Braided Sky High in LOOK magazine !


  • More Swedish Hasbeens style!!


    Nothing better than a well worn in pair of Swedish Hasbeens in Nature
    Thanks "The Frugality" for your super Swedish Hasbeens style


  • Swedish Hasbeens strikes again!

    Styley family snaps from "bleubird blog"
    Swedish Hasbeens + vintage style = always in fashion!!
  • Pretty Swedish Hasbeens Summer Looks!

    Cute summer styling "Keiko Lynn" in your Swedish Hasbeens!


  • Swedish Hasbeens Fredrica super swedish cool!

    Swedish Hasbeens!!
    Meet Fredrica the pretty new edition.

  • Happy 2015!!!

    Happy New Year to you all!!
    We hope you're loving your summer holidays and enjoying all your MADE sale treats!
    There are still plenty to choose from so if you haven't already been in you should and if you have then come again we're always happy to see you! 

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