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  • Weathered + Karen Walker!

    Ant wears Weathered Smith Classic Shirt and
    Weathered Rosling Chino's.
    Ophelia wears Karen Walker Lightyear Dress,
    Karen Walker Space Time Pull Ons and
    Swedish Hasbeens! 

  • New season!

    Ant wears Weathered Smith Classic Shirt,
    Weathered Rosling Chino & M Label Beanie.
    Ophelia wears Not Shy Linen Sweater,
    Karen Walker Space Time Pull Ons & Swedish Hasbeens!

  • Weathered, weathered, weathered!

    Weathered Smith Classic Shirt $140 with the
    Weathered Fisher Short $110.

  • Weathered men's new arrivals!

    Check out these great Weathered Men's Donnelly Drawstring Pants $160.
    Super comfy and easy to wear.
    Thanks Weathered!

  • Weathered - new arrivals!!

    Wow, check out the new Weathered Collection!!
    Weathered Smith Classic Navy Shirt with pink & white spots $140 
    Weathered Rosling Chino in Green $160
    Weathered SS15


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